propped up philosophers

prattling putrid pits of phlegm

pungent with pre-wrapped

peppermint pasted pessimism

and puritanical philanthropists

prissily preaching pablum

pissing off the plebeians at the pub

preparing plenty particularly peculiar

and pointless pilgrimages

predicting a promotion of prescience

a precedent previously prescribed

by some perversely passive prophetic

psychiatric physician’s prognosis of platitude

or placid plasticity?

picking politically a phrase to pacify

“petersburg? possibly palestine?”



promptly pops another prozac

peristalsis para perrier

“pourquoi pas?”

perhaps propose a purport

patent some predictable prose

plainly pococurante

partially parse

professing palpable pain

like prufrock personating pathos

playing pre-recorded paeans from pinkerton

preventable positive punishment

providing popular praise

posh and proudly peddling paved paths in the park

pompously pitying the plump and pimpled

polyandric prostitute

passed out in the periphery

yet prudently persisting profuse periodic peaks

punctiliously protruding her pattered purple pants

is painted a pagan preamble

predominantly along on her posterior

a pirated patriot partaking with the pelicans

picking up polystyrene packs of parliaments

prospecting profoundly preposterous postulations of planets

prophecies proclaiming prodigious prosperitypatience.

patron practitioner of the present? not presently

probably not ever.

premature promises

pitched out of propitiation and procrastination

to the pediatric patients of posterity

are proven pointless

pinpointing a parallax in perception

pillars pummel petunia plants

preoccupied with progression

pink polished pearls of

pretty pearlescent poop

physiological placebos

pulsating from my pancreas

like provoked pepsinogen

pouring in pulmonary

passageways passing passed passive passengers

in platelets portraying a picture of a portobello

petty parasitic

paleolithic protozoa

proliferating. like pathogens

with prevailing preeminent pseudo prices

and pretend professions

publicizing petrified pink pebbles of

pretty pearlescent poop

precarious position it is

playing a powerless prince

pensively placating

postulating pastimes of predecessors

pampered upon a porcelain pedestal

or penalized in a plastic pit

promotion and penalty

permeate previous pedigree

like a pestilent plague

a phylum of porifera

pretend pragmatism

is the principal prerequisite for

a pretend profession

partly plus pink pebbles of

pretty pearlescent poop

provides prestige upon the proprietor

provocatively pumping out pandemics of panic

persisting through the press

principles of paranoia peonage

a preconceived proviso to

preconditioned pavlovian psychology

partner these proverbial psalms

on pin pricked palms!

purge for the pretty pebbles!

purge for purpose!

purge for the pearlescent poop!


primarily to protect proficiency

personal purification is pleasure

a primal pageant of pedantry

parading like a picturesque platoon

with pistols and projectiles

proving puissance

upon plunging into a plethora of

perilously pitiful patriotic performances

pinched and poached pistachios

punctured and porous peanuts

predisposed to ptsd

pressured populist prayers

perfervid party pledges

practiced with praxis

permitting the pretend prince

to possess powers of persuasion

plopped upon a platter

proportions of proletariat of production

positioned in parcels

of participle percentage points

pronouncement of potential

physique of a pyramid

placed in a piechart

preemptively to predict possible

profit pathways

piles of presage paperwork pleading

pressed and piss poor

periodically a paycheck

peerless parallel preferment

perpendicular to the pedestrian peasant?

a pension paid off penthouse

perhaps a parallelogram?

a poker pot procured with a

pickled prostate picking off from a porshe

punctual perfunctory prowess

a populace of pilgrims

patterned like pixelated plaid

programmed and pipelined into a polygraph

persistently penetrating

previous predispositions and prior proclivities

paralyzed yet paradoxically panting

pufferfish pores are plugged

pupils are perspiring

preconceptions of predilections protrude

preventing prefrontal processing

pondering pre-recollections

of propense pugnacity

plenty of pennies pillaged and plundered

from pouches of pigs

plucked from the plumage of pheasants

for pills of percocet

peter pan is parched

palliating perturbation

pouring promethazine poisoned pepsi products

processed by the police

packaged by the plaintiff

payment for a plea

provisions for poverty

or the penitentiary. or purgatory

pendulous is a passionless pundit

people are practically practical phosphorus

pandering to the pretentious piety of a pyre

and pink pebbles of

pretty pearlescent poop


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