August 27 – Eh Sure, Whatever. Same Bully, Different Day

So you know how in every schoolyard kids cartoon there’s always that bully amongst the characters? You know who I’m talking about. The one that always takes the other kid’s lunch money and trips all the nerds. And you know how in every one of those TV shows, there’s always an episode when some bigger bully shows up and puts the original bully in their place? And at first things are going along copacetic enough where the other kids are kinda just like “Eh, sure, whatever. Same bully, different day”. But after a while all the other kids start getting nostalgic about the days when their previous bully wasn’t so physically large and uncaring. So all the children collectively congregate in front of their old bully’s house, knock on their door/ring the doorbell, and give the bully-turned-bitchmade their confidence back. Now the old bully, after regaining and relishing in their newfound confidence, confronts the new bully. And banishes them from the playground for good. So now all the kids start cheering like “Sweet! We got rid of the new bully, and we helped our old one to find themselves. There’s no one who’s gonna fuck with us now. Life is good.” But then old bully is like “HA! You fucking thought”. Then he begins to shake down all the kids for their loose change, and proceeds to trip the nearest nerd. And all the other kids are like “Eh, sure, whatever. Same bully, different day”. And everything just kinda falls back into the same static status-quo to finish off the episode – until whatever dilemma the writers wanna throw at them next week.

That’s kinda what this whole Democrat-Russia-Collusion investigation kinda reminds me of.

Also, I’d like to note there was no parallel to the president in this analogy. He might as well just be a figment of your imagination…shit, I meant figurehead.

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