September 27 – Che Guevara Looks Cool

So I feel like it could be argued that Che Guevara’s sketch artist probably might’ve been just as influential as Che Guevara himself.

Aside from the history of mass executions, work camps and seizure of basic individual rights – you have to admit he’s got a pretty charismatic look to him. The man’s got this righteous glare of conviction in his eyes that makes me wanna go out and recreate the world in a completely new light. Probably not his light. More likely along the lines of picking up litter at the park, or staging a guerra-styled uprising against the park rangers… something like that.

I doubt anyone would let it slide if I decided to start walking around with a picture of Saddam or Mao Zedong plastered on my shirt. Then again, I’d probably never wear a shirt with either of them regardless. Not because they were both oppressive dictators that terrorized their own people, but because they were both honestly pretty fucking ugly. The aesthetic appeal just isn’t there.

Image result for mao zedong warhol
Warhol tried, with many different color too! But Emperor Mao isn’t what you’d call “photogenic”

This further refines my cultivated belief that being attractive is most important skill anyone can ever possess. It may be the only one that is worthwhile. Let’s face it, you’ll never know how intelligent someone actually is. You’ll never know what they’re thinking, or where the true nature of their ideals may lie. But you damn sure can tell how good they look. It’s shallow surface level processing that even the most bovine of idiots can comprehend. Maybe it’s a testament to grooming, but as an abhorrently unhealthy individual, ordained with some semblance of “looks”, I’ve done enough self-reflection (in every sense of the word) to view it as one of those “You either got it or you don’t” cases. Otherwise referred to as genetics.

Image result for tyler durden i look how you want to lookYou think Tyler Durden was able to get all those brawny motherfuckers to go through with Project Mayhem because they were sick of living in an emasculating culture filled with consumerism? Nah. They just obsequiously shifted from chieftain to another. It wasn’t in order to attain some promised form of enlightenment but because, as Tyler so eloquently explains “All the ways you wish you could be, that’s me. I look like you wanna look, I fuck like you wanna fuck, I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I am free in all the ways that you are not.” I guess polished “GQ” look was going out of fashion, and rough and insubordinate “bad boy” look was in.

Image result for nixon jfk debate
As an A-list movie star, I’m sure JFK had his fair share of headshots.

As much as we can all agree that Richard Nixon is a well-rounded piece of shit, when he ran against JFK in the 1960 presidential election, his points and policies during their debates reportedly sounded better to the American people. Note the key word “sounded”, because although listeners of the debate on the radio reported a higher rating for Nixon, everyone who tuned into the televised version of the debate agreed that it was Kennedy who looked like the better presidential candidate. And a lot more people watched the debate than they listened to it. Now would you really expect Nixon to stack up against a motherfucking Kennedy? Well, I guess sometimes you just gotta see “shit” for what it is.

I’m sure you could all think of your own personal instances in your daily life, where beauty as superseded merit. Whether it be getting out of a traffic ticket or into a job. And sure, it’s a superficial position to have, but it’s a Vanity Fair of a world we live in. Let me ask you this: you ever wonder when they’ll get around to putting Harriet Tubman on the $20? Yeah, I bet you probably forgot about that. They should’ve gone with Halle Berry.

Idk this is the only way I could rationalize how a homicidal totalitarian could be the poster child for revolution. I mean no one’s that dumb, that they’d buy a T-shirt of a person, without doing any prior research on who the dude is, right?Image result for che guevara

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