October 1 – Politicized Shit

Why the fuck is everything so god damn politicized nowadays? I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if people started taking liberal/conservative stances on the proper way to wipe their own asses after taking a shit (though I admittedly my ass wiping gets pretty liberal at times…I ain’t tryna walk around with no skid marks.)

But just to set the record straight, I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT BOTH OUR POLITICAL PARTIES ARE MOLDY, EXPIRED, HEAPS OF GARBAGE. I think that the majority of our representatives, from both sides, are really really fucking dumb. I doubt either of them give a shit about us…but they’d gladly have us debate the politics of wiping our own shit, because it’s one hell of a talking point to keep us occupied.

If you look at the voting record for some of our more prominent Democrats/Republicans, instead of what they publicly claim to endorse, you’ll notice that there’s something that far supersedes political ideology…money.

Many “Republican” stances aren’t even conservative in essence, and many Democrat stances aren’t all that “liberal” neither. It’s just a Catch-22, chalked full of cognitive dissonance and doublethink.

Also, I don’t believe that the intentions between liberals and conservatives are all that different. We’re all tryna figure out the best way to coast through life. We should hope that everyone else is coasting along well too…cause no one wants to hear passenger bitching along in the back.

Sure I wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks in taxes, so some struggling family could pay for their kid’s operation or whatever. But if most of our tax dollars are unnecessarily going towards an over-expenditure of weapons contractors, useless public works projects, and subsidies for companies that probably didn’t even pay their taxes in the first place…well, then fuck that, gimme a refund. I want my money back.

Would you trust Bernie Madoff with your money? Probably not. Not unless you could sit in on the shareholders meeting and know what exactly he is doing with your money (cause like many of our elected officials, Bernie Madoff has been historically sketchy by nature, and he’d probably just spend it on overpriced vacations at some luxury golf resort.)

The issue isn’t so much political ideology, as it is a lack of information and transparency. Quit being fucking sheep to your parties, and learn to research and think independently for yourselves.

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