October 28 – My Brief Career in Politics

Ahh all this political fervor I’m seeing with everyone going out and voting at the polls Nov. 6th reminds me of my political career back in the day, when I sought office.

It was 11th grade, and I was a junior running for high school treasurer…I think it was treasurer…eh, I doubt the title even mattered anyways. It’s not like high school ever facilitated any worthwhile autonomy. It was a just a resume builder for college. Still, I’m all about the money.

I would’ve won too if the other candidate wasn’t such a bitch. She told on me after I ripped down all her campaign posters in the hallway…so I got kicked out of the race.

Now I know what you’re thinking “Oh he meddled in the election. That’s fucked up yo. Collusion! Collusion!”, but can assure you it really was an easy win. All I had to do was sign up, remember that I signed up, and not do anything stupid till Election Day…but I couldn’t help myself…my opponent really was the Hilary Clinton of people.

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