21 Savage Christmas Song (Work in Progress)

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

I saw this picture of someone thinking they were slick with these lyrics, and thought they were elementary at best. Anyways, I am now currently ghostwriting a Christmas song for 21 Savage because that shit sounds dope. If someone could bring this to Mr. Savage’s attention, that would be much appreciated. Anyways, it’s still a work in progress (I’ll write more when I feel like it), but hopefully I could get it done by the upcoming holiday season.

21 savagery
Rappin presents with the Christmas tree
In the chimney 
With a pistol tho
And a mistletoe
Kissin 6 christian ho ho hoes

Rudolph Rudolph Rudolph
I make it rain, dear
Rudolph Rudolph Rudolph
This is my sleigh year
Rudolph Rudolph Rudolph
My list is always naughty
Rudolph Rudolph Rudolph 
Sippin eggnog and Bacard

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