Dec 9 – I Matched My Freshman Biology TA On Hinge

Yo so I ended up matching with my freshman biology TA on hinge…4 years later…up in NOVA..and she actually hollered first!

But then she stopped hollering as soon as I replied…cause my sarcastic ass ‘game’ only seems to work with only the most incorrigibly fucked up chicks…which she wasn’t. Good TA tho.

Seeing that she wasn’t a “bad bitch with daddy issues” like my profile had specified for, I thanked her for always covertly providing my group with answers to all the in-class worksheets, and proceeded to go about my day…by posting about it soon after on 8 in the morning.

Still I couldn’t help but feel like she had been eyeing me that entire semester (delusions of grandeur, probably), so it was nice to get a bit of a confirmation back on that I guess…kinda.

Idk man, sometimes all you need is a little bit of closure to help set your life back on course. Your ship can’t take off if you don’t close your sails (I don’t know shit about boats.)

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