February 6 – Y’all Ever Have Those Dreams?

Y’all ever have a dream where you’re at a party or some shit, and suddenly you look around and realize that EVERY SINGLE MOTHERFUCKER that you’ve ever known or made acquaintance with seemed to get an invite?

There’s a large crowd of cheering peers gathered around your old manager as he performs a rather uncharacteristic keg stand, all the while in the other end of the room your orthodontist and drug dealer are running the beer pong table. Your lab partner is passed out on the couch with dicks drawn on him, and your mom and therapist are basically going shot for shot at this point.

So anyways, you’re outchea tryna spit game with that one really attractive world history teacher you had a crush on back in highschool, when you spot this chick you used to fuck with from the corner of your periphery. You wanna go make ammends, but she’s standing next to her behemoth of an older brother…who swore he’d shoot you if he ever saw you again. He’s strapped.

Now you start feeling a little apprehensive, and begin to ask yourself, “Who the fuck is even hosting this?”

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