February 17 – Best Course for Future Expedition

Speaking more so in a bigger-picture/survival-of-humanity-due-to-an-obviously-foreseeable-catastrophic-event sense, I feel like deep sea exploration would be a better long term investment of our society’s “adventure capital” (see what I did there?) than space. At least for for the time being.

Not only would it be more feasible, it would be a lot more promising. There’s a bunch of treasure and other strange shit lying on the ocean floor, bro. What the fuck is out there for us in space? Rocks? Some noxious gasses? More space? Maybe if we’re lucky, a species of alien or two we can go to war with to fund some galactic-level-military-industrial-complex. But that’s pretty much about it. And although space war seems pretty lucrative, I’d much rather team up with the dolphins and build Atlantis than having to resort to colonizing dusty ass mars.

I mean I know once the sun dies this solar system is fucked regardless, but let’s be honest, we’re probably gonna fuck ourselves over on land well before that time comes. Sea levels are rising dawg. Yellowstone’s gonna blow (and we’re in for “a world of hurt” once that happens). We need some temporary underwater safe havens just in case.

Also idk why people get so worked up over a “potentially habitable” planet, when that shit is lightyears anyways. Don’t ya think we’re getting a little ahead ourselves? I barely believe in the moon, let alone us traveling that far.

I know I probably sound delusional rn. This is how I get when I watch wayyy too many sci-fi movies in one day.

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