January 6 – The Outbreak of a Monstrous Infection

So we had this self-published author (and failed lab tech) come into work and interview about her new science fiction novel, voicing her complaints on how none of the publishers (nor her friends) took her seriously throughout this process. Anyways, the book is titled: The Outbreak of a Monstrous Infection…and considering that the title basically […]

Dec 4 – Some Dudes Will Fuck Just About ANYTHING.

So if you’re illiterate or haven’t noticed yet, my name isn’t pronounced how it’s spelled. I pronounce it like the word “currency” without the “cy” (yeah, ain’t that a cool way to introduce yourself. I probably would’ve kept the “cy” if some rapper hadn’t already taken that alias), but my name is actually spelled K-A-R-A-N. […]