November 8 – Sure the Grass is Always Greener, When you Spray Paint it

So I live in a pretty nice area. At least nice enough to become disillusioning. Buildings pop up here like wildflowers, in an area once known for its fertile agricultural pastures. I guess South Park was right when they said gentrification always begins with a whole foods, because after that motherfucker sprouted up, overpriced strip […]

October 1 – Politicized Shit

Why the fuck is everything so god damn politicized nowadays? I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if people started taking liberal/conservative stances on the proper way to wipe their own asses after taking a shit (though I admittedly my ass wiping gets pretty liberal at times…I ain’t tryna walk around with no skid marks.) […]

September 27 – Che Guevara Looks Cool

So I feel like it could be argued that Che Guevara’s sketch artist probably might’ve been just as influential as Che Guevara himself. Aside from the history of mass executions, work camps and seizure of basic individual rights – you have to admit he’s got a pretty charismatic look to him. The man’s got this […]